What would you say about happiness?


It comes and it goes. There’s no such thing as happiness without unhappiness. Happiness always has a cause, and all causes are fleeting. Spending your life seeking lasting happiness and avoiding unhappiness isn’t really worth it because you can never win.

Instead, find the causeless source of stillness within you, that is beyond both happiness and unhappiness. This stillness can be called peace, too. It’s neither happy nor unhappy. It’s just pure existence. It’s freedom.

When you find this place within, happiness and unhappiness will still arise. Only then, you will just watch them without pushing them away or trying to hold on to them. You’ll enjoy the happiness while you have it, fully, because you’ll recognize that it won’t last forever. When unhappiness comes, you’ll embrace that too, because you’ll know that soon it will turn into happiness again. From that place of peace and stillness, you’ll know that the only way you can know what happiness is, is if you know what unhappiness is too.